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The book I Am Enough is about life's ups and downs, trial and triumphs, expressed through poetry,short stories and inspiring affirmations.  The goal is to feed your spirit and soul! Also included is a studio recorded spoken word CD with original music. This vibrant spoken word CD... will take you on a voyage of unlimited possibilities so relax, light your candle and push play! YOU will be empowered and inspired to BELIEVE in your dream! I AM ENOUGH is the movement of KNOWING that anything is possible!‪.


"The book  I Am Enough is truly inspiring and uplifting.  Many times we get lost in our daily lives and it is an absolute blessing to have daily inspiration.  Wanda D we thank you for this book and your transparency so that we can share your journey. It is good to know someone else has run the race and won.” 

-Carina Harrell, founder of HSW and Option 2 Change Inc

"Wow! What an amazing week I've had. I had a life changing session with my coach that helped me to realize what exactly was going on in my life and why I was letting it happen! I can tell you that it was one of the most important revelations that has happened in my year of learning and growing Me! Wanda D. Hollis has been amazing. She has the most calming demeanor but a wam bam approach and it doesn't make you feel bad like some do, but helps you to see what is really going on! I appreciate her so much and I'm thankful that she took me on as a client ‪#‎happyclientsrock"

- Aja Vancica

"Reading your words of inspiration has given me hope for a better tomorrow my past had broken my spirit as well as my heart I try to go on but I keep making the wrong turns and am now at the crossroads of my life I feel my name is cant-get-right as hard as I try the worse things get! I had to sell my car lost my job and my home the girl I was about to marry after 13 years told me I wasn't what she wanted any more and left me my body is failing me I have nothing but sadness left but after seeing that little mouse with the helmet on made me laugh and say to myself let's try again.Thank you!"

- Kevin Ervin

"I am enough is contagious in a positive way. This poem will leave you thinking about where you really stand within yourself, not the person next to you. No, you will be thinking solely about you. It will have you wondering whether or not you truly believe that "you are enough". Wanda D Hollis has been encouraging to me since the day I met her. Every time I speak with her or hear her poem it leaves an impartation in my mind that gives me the courage to get up do more. The poem "I am enough" is one of the best poems ever and I believe that it can touch your heart just as it touched mine.” 

-Shan Cunningham

It was truly an honor to be a part of the Wanda D. Hollis show. The comfort level, the company, the opportunities where out of this world! I never felt so appreciated, accepted, and empowered on a show segment before. Wanda is the real deal and it is an honor that she has embraced me to join her on this phenomenal journey as her show continues to thrive to the next level!  I highly recommend being a part of this show, and visiting the studio as soon as you have a chance! It will be the experience of a lifetime! India White endorses Wanda D. Hollis and I approve of this message!

-India White


Your life

"What if... you were ready to receive everything you wanted??? What would that be??  This is the question and it amazes me how many of us don't even dream anymore.  I challenge you to JUST DREAM. After your receive the answer call me and together WE will work on creating an effective action plan! Remember living well requires your commitment to yourself!"



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Wanda D Hollis  

Motivational Speaker, Author, Business Woman

Transformation Coach, Media Personality

Wanda D. Hollis is the Founder and CEO of Walking Through The Storm, LLC, Atlanta's  premiere lifestyle development and coaching company for businesses and individuals. Wanda is considered one of the most passionate and positive people you’ll ever meet—both personally and professionally. Her inspirational mentoring, sales, and customer service training has proven to be very effective. She has over 20 years of experience in real estate and in the network marketing industry. In 2010, she launched Wanda D-TV, a revolutionary online real estate talk show where local businesses and community leaders discuss their services, issues, and concerns.


Helping others achieve their goals and dreams is Wanda's passion and mission in life.


Over the years Wanda has coached and trained hundreds of people just like you. She possesses a unique talent for inspiring others to believe in themselves even when they feel like giving up, and her unwavering positive attitude and creative spirit have always allowed her to be up for any challenge. Past clients include County Commissioners, Sheriff Candidates, artists, business owners, and others. Wanda has started and sold several businesses, as well as organized and facilitated countless events. Her powerful speaking style is full of antics that will stir your soul, allowing you to believe like never before.

Wanda’s passion for helping others led her to sit on the board of directors for Option 2 Change, a charity nonprofit 501(c)3 organization that was designed to assist underprivileged parents with restoration of the family and community, and advancement of their education. In addition, Wanda previously held a position as a local director of the West Georgia Board of Realtors. She has been a member of organizations such as the Detroit Urban Legend, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, and Partners in Education. She is currently an active volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club of Atlanta.  


Wanda has been blessed to lead a life of following her passions, which include traveling, skiing, belly dancing, preforming spoken word, writing, swimming, tennis, and boating. She is a gifted writer and has published work from poetry to organizational manuals utilizing her broad life experiences, and she is a recorded poetry artist.  Wanda enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. She gives great appreciation to all of her family, friends, clients, and customers for making her dreams come true every day.


“There is no such thing as bad decisions—only regrets of not making the attempt!”

 -Wanda D. Hollis

Wanda D Hollis

Transitional Coach-Motivational Speaker -Media Personality

41 Villa Rosa Trail

Temple, GA 30179

Tel: 404.465.2510

Email: wandad@iamenough365.com

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